Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I assigned my girls the task of writing a "credo poem," so I took the opportunity to do my own:

I believe in the goodness in people,
The potential in new born babies
The power of dreams and aspirations,
The importance of individuality,
The faith and trust in yourself,
In love, in others, in life.

But the world doesn’t owe us anything if we don’t try.

And I believe in laughing when all else fails,
In loving everybody sincerely,
In the quiet beauty that exists,
Unexpected, unnoticed, unsung.

And I believe in looking at the world
As though you’re seeing it for the first time every day.

Here's a photo of a deserted beach on the north shore of Prince Edward Island, where I travelled to last summer. Coming upon an inukshuk there delighted me to no end, and reminded me of the small, unexpected things that are there for anyone to discover, if only we look and appreciate them.

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