Saturday, March 11, 2006

For Someone Out There

Earlier this past week, I received some horrible news about someone that I care about. I was numb, and the tears just would not come -- so I wrote a poem. It's not life-altering or monumental, but maybe, just maybe, by putting it out into the world, my thoughts will reach where they need to go:

Twelve years ago
My world morphed from a black-and-white morality
To Technicolour –
The world spun, the familiar became a blur
And I was lost

My beliefs became empty shells
That rang with falsity
Though I voiced them with a newfound articulation

Your hair was wild then:
An untamable innocence
I know that you lived in colour
Even back then
Years before I would come to know and love you

Three days ago
News of you
Came crashing, crushing me

In my Technicolour world
No tears fell from the menacing blend of hues

I see that you have found your own black-and-white
Only that your version speaks not of clarity
Or of morality
Or of vehemence for or against something

Yours is a grey lifelessness
Where the primary colours of youth
Have faded, melded, transformed
Weathered by the forces of uncaring

Meanwhile, my Technicolour world
Has allowed me to remember you
To retreat into a memory of you
To an imagined future of you
Where the glint in your eyes

1 comment:

  1. It kills me to think that you've been sad, but it's part of what we all love about you, that caring spirit. I'll find out for you and keep you posted. In the meantime, smile!