Friday, March 31, 2006

March Rundown

This is my recap of this past month. I’ve looked back on my writing of these past thirty-one days, and have picked one thing – trivial or otherwise – that sticks out for me for each day. (Yes, I write incessantly.)

1st – On the plane on the way down to Edmonton for the teachers’ conference, I sat next to a most interesting young man from Fort Simpson. He was on his way to Ontario to visit family, and kept our conversation lively with his northern experiences in hunting and trapping. A true northern boy – and one of the faces I’ll always remember.

2nd – We walked along Whyte Avenue as the light grew dim. Ducked into a funky martini bar and had great smoked salmon pizza. Being in Edmonton from Inuvik, I was absolutely anticipating spring-like weather, but that was not to be… and I froze.

3rd – Took what seemed like the longest bus-ride from our hotel downtown to West Edmonton Mall; we got to wind through the residential areas of Edmonton, but thought we would die as the heat blasted from the heating vents on the bus.

4th – A true “mall day,” something of an anomaly for me. We waited forty-five minutes for a cab to take us back to the hotel, and thought we would have to get into fist-fights in order to ensure we would get a taxi.

5th – I arrived back in Inuvik, and felt glad to see the clear northern sky once more.

6th – I took my digital camera out and about and took pictures of shadows, including the blue shadows of snow on snow.

7th – Went to a friend’s farewell party. Another one from my circle gone: I’m still grieving a bit.

8th – Received news first thing in the morning that someone I loved was in the hospital. Mustered up enough strength to last through the day with composure enough to fool most.

9th – With the wind howling with ferocity outside, I felt so safe within the comforts of my room, and felt so blessed.

10th – One of my students had her first day of work after school at the supermarket. I made time to stop by and bought her a treat. I was so proud to see her in her uniform, to see her doing well.

11th – Had a lazy Saturday of lounging and writing.

12th – Had the most wonderful brunch at a friend’s house: fresh fruit and a lovely frittata. This was one day when I felt so lucky to have the people I had in my life.

13th – On my way to work in the morning, I noticed that the moon was the most gorgeous hue of pinkish-gold. Reminded me of that fateful day two years ago when the moon was blood-red, an omen of the events that would happen that day.

14th – A good friend’s birthday party. I baked a cake and wrote her a story.

15th – I gave my class an English midterm. I admired my students for the intensity of their focus. No one threw a tantrum – everyone finished and passed.

16th – Made cupcakes with the Brownies.

17th – After work, I bumped into a friend at the video store, and had a quiet movie night at her house.

18th – Tried my hand at cooking, and made a pot of African peanut soup, and had a nice gathering at a friend's, where we played Balderdash – reminded me of those camping days when we used to play that game. How those days seem as though they were a lifetime ago.

19th – Skidoo rally!! Went to the rally put on by the French Association. We met at the Lions’ Den, and set off under the big blue sky. Took in the cold and the most breath-taking views.

20th – On the calendar, it’s the first day of spring, but this night, I saw the gorgeous northern lights after my stint at volunteer-tutoring. This year hasn’t been great for viewing the aurora borealis, so even though the dancing lights were a sign of the winter dragging on, my heart danced with joy at the sight of them.

21st – I hosted a dinner party, and was completely stressed in the kitchen. My “Inuvik family” was sweet enough to calm me down. We played Pictionary after supper, and I discovered the discrepancy between my artistic vision and my actual ability – had some good laughs though.

22nd – A relaxing, much-needed weekday evening with zero commitments. I was glad that the world demanded nothing of me then.

23rd – Rode on the fire-truck with the Brownies after a tour of the fire hall. I was as excited as the girls, but my grown-up sensibilities kept me from expressing it outwardly.

24th – A good Friday night of movie-watching at home. Saw sadness in a friend’s eyes, and wished I could comfort her, but didn’t know how.

25th – Had an unwanted profession of love in the morning, followed by an episode of hyperventilation. Stumbled upon the revelation that I never wanted to be in that position: of saying “I love you” to someone who did not reciprocate the feeling.

26th – A Sunday afternoon trip downtown to shop with a friend. I was amazed that we could spend as much time as we did hopping around those few stores.

27th – Enjoyed the solitude at the food bank as I was working my shift. I found myself pacing back and forth, talking things out with myself as I assembled the food packages: It was extremely therapeutic.

28th – Had dinner at a friend’s, and a wonderful phone call.

29th – I continued searching the sky for a rainbow because I had seen one a few days ago. It was tucked behind the little woods, and I still look for it every time I pass by the same place.

30th – Made Ukrainian Easter eggs with the Brownies, but I was completely out of it. My mind just kept wandering toward things that I had resolved not to think about. The mere resolve to stop doing something seems to ensure its failure.

31st - Taking stock of where I am and where I’m heading.

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