Monday, December 04, 2006

Five for the day

  1. A student had put up delicate snowflake decorations on my classroom door. Such a thoughtful gesture – I was truly touched. And she took my thanks so gracefully, so like a mature, young adult. I was astonished and delighted.  
  2. Had a banter with another student during break. I was being a bit “smarty” -- that's “Deltanese” (as in the Beaufort Delta) for sarcastic. She responded, “That's verbal irony all right.” And I had thought that they would never remember anything I said even if I hit them over the head repetitively with it.  
  3. A co-worker noted that I didn't seem very happy today, although I was feeling absolutely fine. I was feeling quiet today. There's a difference. But, I was also feeling blessed that she cared enough to ask.  
  4. Had a visitor this evening. Quite unexpected, and very much appreciated.  
  5. Tried on a couple of sun-dresses tonight, to get ready for Cuba. Both of them fit, thank goodness.
A great day all in all.

1 comment:

  1. Well, MY sundresses don't fit me anymore. Guess it's good I'm not the one who will be the beach babe, eh?