Saturday, January 20, 2007

A break and a fresh start

Over the past week, I’ve been contemplating discontinuing this blog. I’m afraid it’s no longer serving its purpose. Instead of documenting my adventures up north, it has been a log of my descent of sorts into a mental and emotional nadir. And I’m sure that venting about my neuroses has caused those same neuroses to metastasize out of control. My resolution had been to think less, do more, and this blog has not been conducive to that at all.

I’ve reflected too much about my weird dreams, my emotional discontent, and uncertainty over my future (and my present, for that matter). I’ve blown trivial things completely out of proportion.

So, I’m taking a hiatus for now – it may be long or short. I think that I’ll be back though, probably sooner rather than later. Knowing me, I would be missing the clicks of the keys as I type away, the cogs and wheels turning within my head. But, I know that I must take this blog into a new direction. If my blog were a living creature, it would be a disgruntled bear that just needs to hibernate until the spring. Once my mental spring arrives, I’ll be able to write about the flowers, the lush greenery, the joy derived from just being alive – you know, all the things that truly matter.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned…. I’ll be back! Hopefully really, really soon!

* I just noticed that this is the ninety-ninth post of my blog.  I'll make the hundredth post my fresh start.



  1. Greetings from the stormy Czech Republic! Just home from a late-night newcomers' party. Sorry I haven't called as promised, but I don't need to tell you, you know how things get sometimes. By all means, call me in the middle of the night! It should be late morning here, and I work only on evenings. Tell me all about those dreams, and while I might not be able to make you feel better, I just want to talk to you. Do continue with your blogging though; you cannot quit writing.

  2. Adding to Ray's sentiments: you CAN'T discontinue this blog! I know exactly what you mean though. Nothing like wallowing in one's own misery, but know that we're all here for you, OK? I know you already know that, but really, you need to get out of the north! It's not been good to your mindset. I miss you too. The summer is just too far away.

  3. Okay...I have an idea for you to get you out of the deep, serious, melancholy vein of writing but still allow you some analytical musing...I'm TAGGING you!

    (I won't be annoyed though if you choose not to join into the is pretty silly, afterall!)