Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The end of darkness

The darkness of winter is pretty much over. Don't get me wrong, winter will stretch on until May or June, but it's no longer unbearably dark. Since coming back from winter break, the light has returned. And it wasn't gradual either. In the beginning of this month, the sun did not rise above the horizon at all, and now, in mere weeks, my living room receives a beautiful glow for hours in the late afternoon. I really noticed it this past weekend, since I would normally be at work on a weekday. The walls were awash with gold, urging me to bring out my camera to capture these first "sun shots" of the year up here. 


  1. Wow...I know it has to be great seeing the sun finally return!!!


  2. The sun is back, and you're back! That's so wonderful to see!

  3. I had tears spring to my eyes when I saw the windows and realized I had stood there and seen the exact same gold. I miss the north. yet, it is a love-hate relationship living there.