Monday, April 02, 2007

Because I can laugh

Here I am, in Yellowknife, enjoying my well-deserved (in my opinion anyway) spring break.  I know I've disappeared for a quite a while, but will try to make up for it through some frenzied writing in the next couple of days.  There's much to write about -- my sweetie's recent visit, new realizations, an impending roadtrip....  I've hooked into someone's unsecured wireless network, and it has proven to be weak and unreliable.  I'll try my best to post my entries.  For now, here's a humble offering about my current state of mind:

Because I can laugh,
The weight of the world seems less daunting.
I can imagine the blue skies behind the overcast fish-belly clouds.
I can love solitude as much as I love company.

Because I can laugh,
I can appreciate a fairy-airy dust particle in the sunlight.
I can be lonely and be all right at the same time.
I know that “home” is a state of mind.

Because I can laugh,
I can perhaps make one moment of your day less worrisome.
You may catch a bit of my spirit,
And finally see the me behind the questioning looks.

Because I can laugh….
I have the world,
And all its contradictions.
I have me,
And have built a home,
Have turned spirit into voice,
Into word,
Into story.


  1. Hope that you're relaxing in Yellowknife. You certainly deserve it. Steve wanted me to yell at you for logging onto strangers' unsecured networks. "Does she want to kill her computer??!" he said. Anyway, just wanted to pass on the message, but more to tell you that we've been thinking about you.

  2. Funny Steve should say that: Look what has happened now! My computer is indeed dying :(