Monday, April 23, 2007

A town to love

Some scenes of Inuvik in the spring:

Peering through the brush at the elementary school

Mackenzie Road, the main street in town,
with its neat A-frame houses at one end

An example of the characteristic “smarties” rowhouses

And, of course, the piles and piles of snow by the roadside,
the last remnants of a long winter

There are some days when I love this town. Today is one of them. I don't even mind that my foot gets stuck in the slush, that my pant legs get splattered with mud. Who has time to mind when there's the blazing blue sky commanding us to turn our faces upward, and the fresh, cool spring air urging us to dance?


  1. I like those pictures of your town. Wish you were here though.

  2. That pile of snow is nuts! How do you do it up there? Really! Any exciting summer plans yet? You know where I'll be, and you're welcome to bash around here with me.

  3. Loving your town is important. Great photos!