Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just around the corner

Overheard while on my way back to work after lunch:

Boy 1: (on a bicycle) NOAH! Are you ready? Are you watching?

Boy 2: (trying to break through the ice on top of a big puddle using a big stick)….

Boy 1: (louder) NOAH! NOAH! Watch me!

Boy 2: (jumping up and down trying to force the stick into the ice)….

Boy 1: (louder still) NOAH! Come on! I’m ready!

Boy 2: (looking up) OK.

Boy 1: (rides across the street, over a snowbank, and crashes into the blue aluminum siding of a building) OWWWW! My bum hurts! My bum!!!!

Boy 2: (laughs hysterically)

Boy 1: (joins in the laughter, rubbing his behind)

This made my day.  Wish I had someone to skip over snowbanks with, someone to laugh with such abandon with.

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  1. We need you back! Book your flight already, you procrastinator you!