Sunday, December 30, 2007

This was the year....

2007 was the year that I...

  • looked at the world with hope and promise, with my toes in warm Caribbean waters.
  • had confirmed just how privileged my life was.
  • pulled hair and teeth to get a student through her Grade 12 English.
  • stopped journalling mid-year, deluding myself into thinking that I no longer needed that kind of “therapy.”
  • started journalling again, realizing that I was oh-so-wrong.
  • had my heart broken in ways I never imagined possible. Or, more precisely, in ways imaginable, but I had never thought it would happen to me.
  • found solace in work, preventing myself from burrowing deep into an unsalvageable emotional nadir.
  • found solace in friends, who could have said, “I told you so,” but never did, and instead, stood by me and allowed me to wallow.
  • lost an aunt, but found a cousin, which alerted me to remind myself to hold on to those important to me.
  • lost a dear friend, but found beauty and wonder in the everyday still.
  • lost faith in the world, in justice, and in love, but knew that I would one day believe again.
  • realized that despite everything, I had found more than I had lost, that I was still headed somewhere, to where I was meant to be.


  1. Haven't checked in in a long while; I had thought you perhaps decided to discontinue your blog after all. So glad you didn't! Sounds like you've had quite the year, but it's great that you also seem to realize you have lost the important stuff.

    May 2008 bring you the joy and peace that you absolutely deserve.

    Thinking of you,

  2. oops...

    I mean, that you HAVEN'T lost the important stuff.

    Good thing I saw the mistake after posting, or you would think I'm cruel!