Friday, March 21, 2008

Let spring begin!

A couple of days from now, I'll be lounging on the beach of Cabo San Lucas.  This might be the last big vacation I could afford before taking on the life as a poor student again, or that of an unemployed bum.  How liberating!  Please allow me this brief moment to be overly optimistic, delusional even.  Reality will set in soon enough after I return from a week of brilliant sun.

Happy spring to everyone!  It's -35 degrees Celsius (which is -31 Fahrenheit) outside as I type this.  Spring won't arrive in the arctic for a few months yet, but I've decided that spring is a mindset, and, in this moment, I'm in possession of it.

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  1. OK, you're back now, so where are the photos? Hope you feel refreshed from your holidays.