Saturday, August 02, 2008

In the city

In the city, on clear nights, the sky is the deepest blue imaginable, and you look up and see a smattering of stars. You’ve forgotten that they ever existed, and you feel an immense gladness for having turned your face upward and seen them. In the city, on rainy nights, the sky glows a burgundy-orange-red. You’re never sure why this artificial dusk appears, if it’s the reflection of the streetlamps on the water droplets, or the sun’s remnants from below the horizon, or something more wondrous, defying explanation. In the city, you can go and watch a movie in a darkened theatre, and feel anonymously cozy amongst strangers. And, you can find yourself laughing at a line that no one else finds funny – or almost no one. There’s that one other person in that darkened room, that other anonymous person many rows below you, who guffaws, and then quickly stifles that laughter, embarrassed, just as you are. In the city, that single moment could be the most connected you’ve felt to someone in that entire day. And that makes you sad. And quiet. And blessed. All at the same time.


  1. Sorry I don't leave you comments very often anymore. I'm just happy to see you in the city again so we can catch up in person!

  2. What, no more Vancouver updates? Are you even in Vancouver right now? :)

    A little bird told me that you might be somewhere hot and sunny!

  3. I'm glad to hear (read!) words that seem to indicate you are settling in well to this present turn in your path!