Thursday, October 30, 2008

'Twas the day before Halloween...

I know, I know -- In my previous post, I had said that I was going to take a break from the blog in order to get my stuff together... and here I am again, posting more frequently than ever before. But, this blog has been able to let me hash out my thoughts and feelings. I used to write in my journal every day, often filling ten pages daily. Since earlier this year, perhaps in February or March, I had stopped cold turkey because I felt as though it was doing nothing to help get me out of the funk I was in. Although I censor myself a bit on this blog, and don't provide names, I like having this outlet. It might even be a bit healthier than the nonsensical scrawls that used to fill up my journals. When I wrote in my journal, I could feel myself imploding, perhaps falling apart even more, getting caught up in my circular negativity. When I write here, even when I don't have many readers, I feel as though I'm sending my thoughts off somewhere out into the world, where they might disperse or be resolved. I guess I'm tricking my mind into thinking this way, but it does help.

It's the day before Halloween, and my friend and I went downtown to shop for some things for our costumes. Here's the conversation between my friend C and the cashier (let's call him K) at the store. I was laughing too hard to join in:

K: I can't find the barcode on these overalls.

C: It's the last one. I'm getting this cheap kind because it's just for Halloween.

K: Oh yeah?

C: (pointing at me) Yeah. See, we were gonna be Smurfs, and we got our blue body paint and everything, but we just can't seem to pull it all together. So now V is gonna be this Minerva kind of character with a 'fro and weird tattoo-like markings all over her face. You know the Dresden Dolls? The band? V's going to be like that, with the markings on a white painted face.

K: No, I don't know the Dresden Dolls.

C: (starts singing) I'm a coin-operated boy, coin-operated boy.....

By now, the people standing in line behind us were laughing....

K: I don't know the Dresden Dolls. But hey, (talking to me), you should do the markings with liquid eyeliner. That would look good on you.

C: Yeah! Liquid eyeliner! And I'm gonna be "Punky Bluester" with rainbow dreads. 

K: I'm going to be Ken-Barbie.

C: Ken-Barbie? Like half-Ken and half-Barbie?

K: Well, no, just Ken.

C: Then you should say, "I'm gonna be a Ken doll...."

K: I just wanted to mention that it's the Ken like Ken and Barbie.

C: We'd all know that! There's only one Ken!

K: But hey, Barbie has Drake now too!

C: Drake?

K: Yeah, Drake's this brown guy. Barbie and Ken are separated....

C: Good on them for the diversity. Oh, what you learn nowadays....

K: Oh! Let's see about this barcode....

Yes, I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow, dressed up as something I'm not sure how to describe.... I'll tell you about it afterward, and maybe I'll e-mail you some pics since posting them on the internet is not going to happen!


  1. Have a good time at your Halloween party! You must email me some photos afterward!

  2. How did the party go? Hope you had a marvelous time!