Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekend in the city

I've taught for a week now, and it seems like a lot longer. I can't believe that a week ago, I was just arriving in Edmonton from Vancouver, and had yet to see Fox Creek.

Classes are going fairly smoothly, and I am enjoying being in the classroom with students again. Of course, there are the usual frustrations that come with being a teacher, but for the most part, it's nice to be a teacher officially again. The most frustrating part of this past week has nothing to do with managing students or course preparation/delivery at all, but has to do with not having my own permanent classroom where I could leave my teaching materials, where I would have my own desk and computer to work on. As such, I've been floating around a fair bit, monopolizing computer time on the one machine in the staffroom.

The town has a completely different feel than Inuvik. It is not as walking-friendly, and I never see kids "hanging out" on the streets. I miss being able to walk down to the store that is only a few minutes away, and see lots of acquaintances, young and old, milling about and socializing with one another.

This is a long weekend because of Family Day on Monday. M and I have booked ourselves into a hotel for two nights in Edmonton, and will drive down there on Saturday morning, and be back on Monday. I know we were just there last weekend, but it honestly feels like eons ago. Although the apartment we have here is gorgeous and comfortable, I have come to associate it with my late nights of lesson-planning, so it would be wonderful to get away from it all, however briefly. (I will be bringing my laptop though, so I can't completely escape from my work.)

Here are a couple of pictures of my new apartment. I love it, but in some ways, I can't wait to leave this place, to find another place that feels more like "home."


  1. You're still just adjusting, give it some time. Great that you got to go to Edmonton again this weekend though.

  2. Love the pictures of your apartment! I hope it begins to feel more and more like home as time goes on.