Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've been back from spring break for a week and a half, and already, I'm homesick. This is a strange sensation for me, as I have a hard time defining where "home" is anymore. Am I missing the North, the days that stretch increasingly longer, into the snow-blinding golden world that soon melts and bursts into lushness? Or am I missing the cherry blossoms of Vancouver, the crisp, fragrant, silky air? Mostly, I think I miss the feeling of home, the feeling that emanates from the core, from my heart, stomach, liver, and lungs. I miss the feeling that tells me the air I breathe smells of belonging, that my blood pumps vigorously of a "comfortableness."

Here are some pictures from my spring break in Vancouver. How I yearn to walk along the Fraser River now....


  1. Time is going quickly. Won't be homesick for long now!