Sunday, May 31, 2009

When you have nothing to do

What to do if you live in a small town, with nowhere to go over the weekend and nothing much to do:

1. Plan to catch up on some sleep. End up staying up late into the night doing practically nothing.

2. Remind yourself how great it feels to be engrossed in a book.

3. Forge on ahead with the French course you've started a while back. Tell yourself to be persistent enough to make it through this time.

4. Gather up the mountain of recycling that's on the floor in the dining room, a mound that has metastasized into a monster that's threatening to take over the whole apartment.

5. Take the recycling to the bottle depot. Have the cans and bottles be blown around in the wind so you can run to retrieve them and get in your weekly exercise to boot.  Remind yourself to never ever take the recycling to the depot on a windy day.

6. Read the flyers. Plan out what to buy on your "Saturday outing."

7. Walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store multiple times, pausing particularly long in the pet food section to examine all the pictures of cats and kittens on the packages.

8. Cook up a mish-mash of found items from the fridge and call it a "stirfry."

9. Figure out how to post larger photos on your blog. Feel accomplished that you manage to do this on your own when your technology IQ is on the low side.

10. Go to the school to play "scoops" and marvel at how this little kids' game could be so difficult.


  1. I would LOVE for you to e-mail me HOW you managed to put larger photos on your blog!!! I am so envious of that accomplishment! I've seen others manage it and I have tried but am clueless. My guess would be that it cannot be done while relying on the preset Blogger Templates for your I right?...if so, I'm sunk because I don't have a techie bone in my body!

    PS (I love your blog's new look! I don't know if you have been following my best friend, Lisa's blog or not...the one who is living in Nome, Alaska now...she could certainly totally relate to you when it comes to SMALL towns that are ISOLATED! If you are interested in reading her blog, my dog (on her blog) has link in her sidebar to Lisa's dog's blog who has a link in her sidebar to Lisa's blog. I know...pathetic! Pathetic that I actually have a blog for my dog! But, it is a good outlet for me since I had to take our family blog out of the public arena...the dog blog is my only public writing now...and, actually, it is rather fun writing fiction instead of only non-fiction and stepping out of my own point of view to try and create a completely separate personality. "Hank the Cow Dog" is TOTALLY my inspiration, my hero!...I freely admit!)

  2. Monica, the photos can be resized quite easily through Blogger, actually. I'll e-mail you over the weekend with step-by-step instructions. And it's not a long or tedious process. I will most certainly check out Lisa's blog! I have read Ransom's stories occasionally, and I think it's wonderful that she is so articulate!!