Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heart-attack in a pie shell

Who am I kidding -- I am NOT a cook. I like to tell the oh-so-true story of having a dinner party in Inuvik, calling up my friend K, and having her respond, "Oh, do we have to bring the dinner? You don't cook!" But now, I'm going to be a student in less than a week, and one of my resolutions is to cook more, pack my lunches, and eat out much less.

This has never been a blog where one might go for recipes. However, this is something that I made today and have made on several occasions for various people, and it's always a hit. And that's enough for me to boast about publicly in the blogosphere.

I love eggs. I love cheese. Hence, this is my "no fail" quiche recipe:

Mix together with a fork/spoon/knife in a large mixing bowl: 3-4 eggs, half a block of cream cheese, some spinach (half a block of frozen, one can, or some freshly chopped -- whatever you've got), four handfuls of grated cheese (any kind -- I like a mix of romano, mozza, and parmesan), some minced garlic, half a cup of milk, a bit of salt, and pepper. (If you're a meat-eater, sprinkle in a handful of bacon bits!)

Pour the mixture into a 9-inch deep-dish frozen pie shell. Sprinkle the top with some more cheese if you so desire to ensure a thorough clog of the arteries.

Put it into the oven and bake at 375 F for 40-45 mins. Voila!

By the way, can't you tell that I'm not the most precise cook? I never measure anything. My measuring cup has been rendered an implement for scooping clean kitty-litter....

I just ate a quarter of that quiche all by myself, and am about to go raid the fridge for some more. But, I used light cream cheese, skim milk, and only three eggs. That makes it all right then, doesn't it?

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  1. Of course it's alright. It's not like you're eating fast food saturated fat and cholesterol sprinkled with salt. Have a piece for me. That quiche looks delish!