Thursday, December 24, 2009

The eve of something good

December 24th, the day before Christmas Day. I'm settled into a comfy couch in a warm house in the suburbs of Edmonton. The sky outside is radiant, and the ground is glistening with snow. It's the perfect holiday card setting. The cat is sitting on the headrest of the sofa, surveying the blue and white world outside with intensity. Her head follows the occasional car that passes by and manoeuvres the turn in front of the house.

My last school grades were reported yesterday. This past term had treated me well, and I'm pleased with my grades, particularly when they put me in good position to receive more funding next year. Balance that with the potential of a 60% tuition increase next fall, and I might come out even.

My boyfriend and I are house-sitting for his niece this holiday season. It's a strange glimpse into what Christmas might be like if I were to have a house, if I were to spend the holiday with the person I love most.

You know the saying: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was." After a few of years of wandering the world feeling more than a little lost, I had re-united with an ex-boyfriend. I'd like to think that somehow, after letting each other go two Christmases ago, we were fated to find each other again. We had met up in the Arctic, and had gone our separate ways after. He was drawn to Edmonton because of his family ties. It's where he grew up, his old stompin' ground, his little piece in this vast world. I was drawn here because of different reasons, but not entirely. I came because I didn't have my own little piece in this vast world, because I needed something new, a change in direction. What I discovered was that I could belong here, in this cold cold city, in a possible new career, in a new circle of friends, in this suburban house this Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays to my friends near and far! May you find what you want and need, or may it find you....


  1. Congratulations on finishing your first semester! Merry Christmas. Miss you!

  2. Happy new year! Seems like you've been rather busy, which is a good thing as long as you're not too stressed out.

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