Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Last Night

Since I've already resigned myself to running off and quitting blogging for the next few weeks, I thought I should do one last entry tonight. (OK, so I probably will blog when I get to Vancouver, when I'm all stuffed up and bored and miserable and all my friends are working – but no guarantees.) The linens are clean in one of the bedrooms, the bathroom is as clean as I had intended it to be, and the floors and couches have been vacuumed and “de-haired.” I was prepared to settle back and enjoy a last relaxing evening with a cup of chai, when the phone rang. A friend and I ended up traipsing in the woods along the bypass and picked aqpiks (aka cloudberries). The sand-flies were relentless, and we finally called it quits after forty-five minutes. Came home and cleaned half my berries. (Why half? Because I was tired of the task, and needed to wash all the bug dope off of me before it poisoned my brain.)

Pretty much set to go now. Just need to wash the bedding in my room in the morning (because I'll be sleeping in it tonight), cuddle my cat, top up her food, clean the litter-box, take out the garbage, and pack some snacks and essentials for the road (journal, extra pens, reading material, sunscreen, laptop, etc.). I'll miss the midnight sun, the lushness of the greenhouse, and the peace of having the place all to myself. I know, I can't have everything....

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