Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Last Day

It's my last day in Inuvik (until August 21st, that is). After posting my last entry here, in which I wrote about the unyielding rain, the sun finally found its way through the clouds, and a rainbow manifested itself beyond the roof of the shed. Although it was something like one in the morning, and I was yawning nonstop, I could not help but dig out my trusty camera to capture the rainbow. It's funny, but I remember this as being only the second rainbow I've ever seen in Inuvik.

I'm busy cleaning up right now, getting ready for the house-sitter. (Yes, I can multi-task!) Bed linens are in the dryer, cat is curled up on the headrest of the couch, Rufus Wainwright is setting the mood. (Which is what? Nostalgia not yet earned?) Went to Cafe Gallery for lunch, had my last favourite Inuvik sandwich of the summer. Sat on the patio and watched the world stroll leisurely by. Did some shopping, and bought some knick-knacks for my cat's two care-takers, as well as a t-shirt for a friend in Fort Saint John, whom I'm hoping to visit in a couple of days. Last-minute mail-check, including a last-minute postcard sent to a friend in Korea: I wrote, “The beautiful Northern summer is beckoning!” It certainly feels that way. The sky is blazing blue and beautiful once again, and the breeze is indeed beckoning to the trees and the grass (and to my wild hair).

Call me a fair-weather blogger, but I know that I'll be sporadic with my entries in the coming weeks, as I take in the big city once more. I know my allergies are going to find me this time yet again, as it always inevitably does. I'm looking forward to Death by Chocolate, movies galore, bike-rides around the lake, etc.. I already have a mental shopping list a mile long: cat food, cat toys, webcam, books, sheet music, clothes.... First things first – let me get to Vancouver in one piece and with some semblance of sanity.

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  1. Doesn't the laugh of a little baby just make you want to smile?! Every time I watch that little snippet I just have this huge grin on my face and warmth in my heart. Glad that she could do a little for you what she does for me every day.

    From a fellow teacher,

    PS. I LOVE Found Magazine.