Thursday, September 21, 2006

A conversation with myself

Here's the conversation between the two voices in my head:

V1: Arrrrrgh! Is it really just Thursday? Does this mean that I have to go to work tomorrow?

V2: Calm down, Drama Queen! You have no right to hit a slump yet. You're barely three weeks into classes.

V1: You have no idea how hard it was to get up this morning. There was no bright sunshine, no pinks in the sky, no gold streaming through the window. Pretty soon, the darkness will set in.... Why have I come back for another year?

V2: You know as well as I do. Because it's right – For whatever reason, whether it's because you feel secure here, or because you love it here, it's just right at this stage in your life. Don't waste time looking for reasons and weighing them against each other. Each is true; each is a piece of the whole truth.

V1: But why does this week feel so damn long?

V2: Enjoy this moment. Take a breath. You see those bare branches outside the window? Don't you see that they're beckoning for you to see their beauty? Just focus on that right now. Never mind that they mean the start of winter. For now, frame your world in the way those branches reach up and fan out into the heavens.

V1: You and your branches! Sometimes, rose-coloured glasses are just completely unasked for. A reality check is in order.

V2: Seeing and appreciating the trivial is not looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses. Have you ever thought that it's just gaining a lucidity, and finding the inner spirit in everything?

V1: You're just not going to convince me tonight. We're going to have to leave it at that. I'm glad you're here though....


  1. Do appreciate that you feel comfortable and safe in Inuvik. It is a very insulated place to live. But don't let those voices get out of control. You are in the right place for you at this time. I wish I was there, enjoying and appreciating the small things in life, quiet, lack of pressure to do anything, no traffic jams, no sales that you absolutely shouldn't miss, no sold out tickets, just a nice circle of friends to enjoy.

  2. i missed seeing a beautiful photo of the bare branches

  3. Yup...we need a portrait of the branches!