Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Rip-roaringly" funny

Occasionally, something mortifyingly embarrassing happens and you know that it's something you'll take to your grave before telling another soul about it. Then, there are times when you're able to laugh at yourself and feel the better for it. I've hit one of those precious times today:

Apparently, I had gone to work with my butt hanging out of a rip in my pants, and no one had bothered to mention a thing until shortly before lunch. And it wasn't a small rip either – it ran all along the entire length of one of the back pockets. I just about died when a staff member discreetly wrote me a note to tell me while I was busy conducting my Math class. Went home and changed at lunch time, and all was well again in the afternoon.

After school, I sat and talked with a student, and she nonchalantly said, “So you changed your pants.”

“You know why?” I asked. And she nodded, moving her head slowly and deliberately, donning a shy smile. “And you didn't say anything?!!!!”

“I was embarrassed!” she said with downcast eyes.

“Embarrassed?! What's that all about? I was the one with my butt-cheek hanging out!” I wanted to grip her by the shoulders and both kiss her and shake her. Sometimes, I just love my students. What a good heart that girl must have, to have seen her teacher's backside and blue underwear (I know, too much information!) peeking out from a rip the size of Kansas at the back of her corduroys, and then to not announce it to the whole class.

Anyway, it's good to laugh at yourself. Especially when it makes you realize just how much you love another.

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  1. Too, too hilarious! I'm so glad that you are and have always been one of those people who can laugh at themselves.