Sunday, October 22, 2006

If I were a painter...

We've had sprinklings of snow for the past couple of weeks, but it wasn't until yesterday that we had our first “real” snow – when the tree branches get a dusting that instantly transforms them into something other-worldly. I went out briefly today to go in to the school to do some prep work, and brought my camera out. The sky was a bleak grey, but the infinite whiteness just brought out the beauty of everyday objects so much more. The blue of the dumpsters take on whimsical character; the stop signs sing out in vibrancy. If I were a painter, I would paint this juxtaposition of colours. I would paint the way the sky melds into the land. I would try to paint the muffle of tires on the snow, the sound that brings out the silence in my core. Snow reverts the ground back into unexplored, untrodden territory – and if I were a painter, I would paint that first footstep.



  1. Have you made your snow-angels yet? I hope that the impending darkness won't dispel your high spirits.

  2. Ahhh, but you ARE a painter...
    a painter who brushes her canvas with words.