Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What are you optimistic about?

In Edge magazine, the question of the year is “What are you optimistic about?” For me, it’s definitely a question that requires some intense pondering. I’m the itinerant pessimist when it comes to all things concerning myself; when it comes to my friends, however, I’m always supportive and always try to point them toward the silver lining in all situations.

So, ten things I’m optimistic about (or try to be optimistic about):

1. My students will surprise me and I’ll hear about how well they’re doing. I won’t be kept awake at night anymore worrying about some of them. I will bump into them here in town, or in Yellowknife, and we’ll sit and have coffee and laugh together. We’ll reminisce about the teacher-student mental tug-of-wars in the classroom, and I’ll be proud to have played a part in the development of such wonderful individuals.

2. My violin will reveal to me its secrets, and my fingers will naturally translate the yearnings in my heart into beautiful music. No more slightly-off pitches, jerky bowings, and sudden memory lapses.

3. There will be a blizzard this winter. I adore winter storms and snow days. I’d spend the whole day puttering around in my pyjamas, drink hot cocoa, and read while snuggled under my thick duvet.

4. I’ll go to Africa sometime, and soon. I’ll finally see the vast plains I’ve always dreamt of. I’ll really see Africa (or at least Kenya), perhaps even live there for a year or two.

5. My cat will learn to cuddle when I need her to. She will not squirm and try to escape. She will also stop throwing up, period (although I’m thankful she has always picked an area with laminate flooring, and not carpet). Actually, my cat is very healthy, and rarely has hairballs or pukes, but still, never is better than rarely.

6. The power will go back on soon. It just went out. I love my laptop because I can still keep on typing, and didn’t lose any of my work. Actually, the power company had issued a notice about a planned outage tonight for an hour, but the notice did not include my street. I’m optimistic that the notice is right, that the outage is NOT for my street, and that the power will come back on any minute now….

7. And the power is back!! I’m optimistic that I can surprise myself and be right, which gives me cause for even more optimism!

8. I’ll sleep through the night, every night. I won’t have any more hours of churning useless thoughts in my head, of creating unnecessary problems for myself.

9. I’ll be able to find one more thing to be optimistic about, to complete my list of ten.

10. I’ll continue to find wonders, magic, miracles, love, and beauty everywhere and in everyone.


  1. Go optimism! You never really struck me as a pessimist, but, do I sense sarcasm and sceptism in this post?

  2. Just checking in. The bit about your power outage just cracked me up. I could picture you, typing away in the dark, all pissed off.