Sunday, June 10, 2007


The transformation of Inuvik from May to June has been fast and furious. The town has literally turned green within days. On June first, I walked to work in my heavy coat, shivering while tucking my hands into the sleeves to keep warm. By that afternoon, however, I was traipsing around town with only a sweatshirt. The day after that, I was enjoying the sun on my bare shoulders. It's been a week of many firsts of the season: first barbecue, first walk along the river, first ice-cream bar.

These pictures were taken at the end of May, when bleakness still reigned supreme. But, there was a silent sense of solitude that cannot be attained under the midnight sun, a deep quietude that was present in the grayness, in the bare branches, in a lonely abandoned schoolbus in the midst of the remaining snow, in the shadow-forest reflected on the murky waters of Boot Lake.

I'll post photos of the "transformed" Inuvik in my next entry.


  1. Must be time to wind-down for you. I miss having summers off. I hope you have something exciting planned for your time off. It's been too long since we got together!

  2. So now that the year is over, what are your plans? EB