Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 weird things

Monica has tagged me for this meme, where I have to describe seven weird things about myself. I've done a similar meme before, but have hardly exhausted the list. So here goes -- seven weird things that I'll admit to about myself:

1) I hate clowns. Hate them with a vengeance, and yes, "hate" is a very strong word. I do not like their red noses, their rainbow-coloured costumes, their antics, and, last but definitely not least, their balloon animals. I also hate balloons (with the exception of foil ones filled with helium -- those are cute). Don't even tell me that Cirque du Soleil is cool. I find the troupe freaky. And I realize that the problem lies in me, not them.

2) My favourite thing to photograph is the sky. I love clouds and their crazy patterns. I love the way treetops scrape against the infinite blue.

3) The dresser in my room is full of books, not clothes.

4) Sometimes, I would write myself notes in secret code. The problem is, I sometimes forget how to decode the messages when I stumble upon them later.

5) Occasionally, I would get the childish obsessive-compulsive desire to avoid all cracks on the sidewalk. Alternately, I would desire to step on every crack instead. I also sometimes race strangers up and down flights of stairs in public places. (Of course, they have no idea that I'm racing them at all!)

6) I tend to laugh at the most inappropriate moments, and I can't help it. Once, I started laughing when a friend told me his dog had to be put down. Good thing he knew me well enough not to take offence. I know, how awful....

7) I like to ride backwards on trains and see the world receding.

I'm supposed to tag seven people now, but I don't have enough readers with blogs. So, I'll leave it to whoever happens to stumble upon this post and wants to participate to do it. Also, my friends who read the blog (yes, all four of you!) can participate by leaving something in the comment section if they so choose.

I'll leave you with a cloud pic:

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  1. You know I like to comment, but to flaunt my weirdness in cyberspace? Let me think about it....