Saturday, October 11, 2008


SFU held its convocation ceremonies this past week for students who finished their courses in the summer term.  As I wound my way from the library to the bus-stop, I was caught in the post-ceremony bustle. The pipe band snaked its way amongst the graduands, their loved ones, and other casual observers like me. It was all so regal, so collegial, so touching. I didn't know any of the grads, but I could feel a swelling of emotion inside of me.

All those years ago, I had missed my own convocation for my B.Ed. degree. By the time the ceremony came around, I was already up North, two months into my teaching job.  It didn't matter to me then, and only now do I get a tangible sense of what I had missed.

I have been whining to my friends that being a student again feels as though I am regressing. But, there's something different about it this time. As children, we looked upon all the little things as immensely important because we knew nothing outside of our small insular worlds; now, we see the significance in them because we know so much, and can imbue each small ritual or ceremony with meaning from our past, hope for our future, an entanglement of memories, dreams, and desires.

It was a bright blue day, and the mountain air was cool. We could see our breaths in the fall air, breaths that signalled a changing of seasons, a passing of time, a new phase. It was the perfect day for people to come together for a ceremony, a fall "harvest" of sorts, to reap what we have sown, before we all disperse our own separate ways, as leaves in the autumn breeze.

* This does NOT count as a school post. (I had vowed a couple of posts previous to this that I would refrain from writing about school.) Note that I have not mentioned how I have done on my midterms, or my stress over the imminent major projects -- or IF I'm indeed stressed out over them at all.


  1. I missed my own college graduation ceremony, too. I graduated in December and was long gone before the graduation ceremonies in May...and I have always dreaded formal events/ceremonies, anyway...though, I am less inclined that way, the older I get! (Honestly, I would have eloped to miss my own wedding if my husband had been willing...I DID suggest just that several times in the course of the wedding planning.)

    Your post script had me chuckling! What is wrong with "school posts"?...that is where you are at this moment!

    I've been seriously thinking about returning to school to get a different degree lately. Since Grant is now teaching at Southwest Baptist University, as his wife, I can take all the courses required for one degree at no cost. I have a degree in nursing, but never wanted to be a nurse (not even BEFORE I enrolled in my first nursing class). I repeat, I NEVER, EVER in my entire life (not even as a pre-schooler) ever had the least interest in becoming a nurse (long story how I wound up there!)...but, I love teaching English as a second language...and lately, I have been thinking I would like to get a Bachelors in English or Journalism....hmmm...

    Forty-six is pretty old to be starting all over again... (and I honestly enjoy nursing least Home Health Nursing like I am doing now).

    There are always so many other paths to explore in life!

  2. I hope you still like meme's, because I'm tagging you for another one! (I was trying to remember what that last meme was that I tagged you for...I hope it wasn't the SAME thing(?)!

    Anyway, JUST CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT (this current one, that is!)!