Wednesday, October 08, 2008


It all seems trivial -- tests, essays, school, the agony of career choices, life choices, all of it -- when one little girl is in the operating room right now getting her third liver transplant. So much to endure for such a young, innocent little one.

I'm wishing a million times to the outer reaches of the universe and back that this little girl will get to worry about tests and school and careers one day. She deserves to have these trivial worries someday. She deserves bus-rides to and from campus, lattes in hand. She deserves to explore the world. 

Please let her eyes smile again, let her run and wrestle and frolic and play again. Let her family breathe easy -- let them snuggle her close and know that she's safe.

Please. I don't really know this little girl, but I know that she's curious, she's creative, she's bold, she's brave. Most importantly, she's loved, and surely, this love must mean something. Please let this mean that she has a place in the world, that she has a whole life ahead of her. A whole, happy, loving, blessed life. Please.

Update -- October 9: She's through her surgery, this strong-willed little girl. Still sending good wishes in the days ahead....

* Further update -- Annika is back in the operating room due to complications that are (hopefully) fairly normal after a major transplant. But, it absolutely baffles my mind that any of this could be "normal" for anyone, much less a little girl and her family. Check out the updates from Anni's mother, and please think good thoughts and send them out into the world.


  1. I thought I had done all my crying early this morning...when news first arrived that there was a liver for my niece. I thought I had it all together, but then every time I called a friend to ask for their prayers for her, my voice would go up an octave and get all quavery and the tears would pour unbidden down my face all over again.

    That was this morning.

    Tonight, I was able to speak about Annika in a normal voice and dry eyes...until I read your post.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for caring about a little girl you've never even had the chance to meet.

  2. I'm wishing that the little girl will be all right too. Let us know what happens.

  3. I'm sending good thoughts. What a lot for such a young girl.