Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Plan

The Plan, with a capital P:

1) Send off the last of my documents to the two grad schools by next Tuesday. This also includes picking up a reference letter from Dr. D at SFU on Monday, and tweaking my statement of interests and my CV, among other things.

2) Hunt for a job while I wait for grad school acceptance/rejection. A menial job will do.

3) Maybe throw in a trip if the job hunt does not pan out. And if I don't freak out over my finances.

4) Get a pool pass and actually go to the pool at least several times a week.

5) Go out and take copious amounts of photographs with my dinky camera. Learn Photoshop. Decide if I should indeed upgrade to a digital SLR.

6) Once the grad school acceptance/rejection comes, kick the Subsequent Plan into high gear.

Details of Subsequent Plan to follow, once I am forced to formulate it.

7) In the meantime, breathe.

8) Read books.

9) Play the piano.

10) Don't think too much.

11) Enjoy this extended holiday of sorts. I may never have this opportunity again.


  1. Happy new year to you and best wishes for grad school; love that cat picture!

  2. Cute picture of Duncan! A trip to where?