Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm slowly culling through the boxes in the basement, boxes that I had shipped back from Inuvik a year ago. Instead of having them take up precious storage space at my parents', I've decided to dig through everything, and slate the items either for shipment to Edmonton, or else for donation.

So far, I've created more of a mess than anything else. I've kept less than half of the clothing items. Next come the books; that'll be the tough part. I hate parting with any books, but I know that aside from my few favourites, most of the others really should have been gone long ago.

The one good thing about rummaging around in the basement is the reprieve from the midday heat. Not a drop of rain has fallen since my arrival back in Vancouver, and the forecast predicts at least five more days of the same sunny, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky weather.

The evenings are the only times I feel comfortable venturing outside. Last night, we took a nice stroll in Queen Elizabeth Park, and I took numerous photos of the blossoms and the panoramic views of the city and the mountains.

And it's back to the basement I go....


  1. Hey, are you staying in Vancouver long? Guess who's gonna be in town in three weeks?! MOI! Just booked my plane ticket!

  2. Did you get a new camera? The flower photos are great!

  3. Wow, you two are back!!! Not sure when I'll be gone, but Ray, you should just go to Edmonton and see my new place! Megan, no new camera here.... The nicer photos are taken with the old point-and-shoot; the "less nice" photos on the blog are with my cellphone camera. Can you tell which is which? I am yearning for a new camera though, but you know that I should not be spending money on frivolity.... Life as a student, you know....