Friday, July 24, 2009

Yoga, attempt #358

I blame the weather. Since my arrival back in Vancouver over two weeks ago, it had been nothing but sunny and brilliant until today. Actually, everybody I met today commented on how nice and welcoming the clouds were, how the cooler weather was more comfortable. Well, I disagree.

I was in a bit of a slump today. I tried getting rid of some of my books and DVD's, to simplify my life via minimizing my possessions. That was a complete failure. I had merely shifted items from one box to another, trying to categorize them into "things I definitely won't miss," "things I could probably toss but might later regret," and "things I can't live without." At the end, I decided that even the "things I definitely won't miss" held some sentimental value, and simply boxed them all up and left them in the basement yet again, till further notice. Or until my parents move and decide to unceremoniously dump my boxes, which might happen sooner than I'd like to think.

In the midst of my attempt to cull my possessions, I came across a couple of yoga books I had bought a few years ago and somehow never managed to read or follow. I took an introductory hatha yoga course about eight or nine years ago, and had always looked forward to my weekly class. However, in the last few years, every attempt to do yoga has met with excuses, better-things-to-do, sheer laziness, and general wilful forgetfulness.

This evening, I practised my ujjayi breathing, and indeed felt washed over by stillness and awareness. I have a yoga mat in storage at my friend's place in Edmonton, and intend to make good use of it when I head back that way. Perhaps this latest attempt at yoga will be exactly what I need to feel centered again.


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  2. You own yoga books? Are you getting all new-age on me? Hope this latest attempt goes well for you!