Monday, January 19, 2009

Check, check, and check

I had run out of books to read again, and had started to catch myself having negative thoughts again. But today, I did something about it.

Took a long walk, enjoyed the crisp air, the slippery frost on the sidewalk, and some excellent tuneage on my iPod. I smiled at passersby, and was warmed to discover that people do indeed smile back in this cold cold city. (I'm talking mostly about an emotional coldness.) Went to the library and read newspapers and magazines, caught up on all the latest world events and felt in some way a part of the wide world again. Browsed all the classics on the shelves, and decided it was time I read some of them -- well, more of them. Borrowed Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano to start, something I was ashamed to have never read before.

Then, I did the unthinkable.... I went and bought myself a pool and gym pass. I've paid for a month's membership so far, and vow to start tomorrow. I want to get into shape before ultimate frisbee season begins in the spring. Theoretically, there's still one day left before registration for the winter league closes, but I won't push it.

I've basically given up on one of my grad school applications due to multiple complications, but the application for the school in Edmonton, the one I'm putting all my hopes on, will probably work out fine. The only thing left is a reference letter that seems to have gotten lost somewhere between Burnaby and Edmonton. It might now have to be written up again and sent from Brazil, since that's where my professor is currently. Let me live in hope that optimism and positive thinking are not overrated....

Checklist for the day:

1) Dispel negative thinking by consciously seeing the good around me -- check!

2) Take the first step toward having a regular exercise regimen -- check!

3) Find some new brain food (i.e. reading material) -- check!

4) Learn a few new tricks on PhotoShop -- check check!

5) Vow to take care of myself better -- a big check!

Yesterday, I wanted to go to the beach for a walk; however, as I drove west, the clear sunny day became shrouded in fog, so I detoured to Granville Island instead. Here's a picture of the kite store -- oh the marvellous kite store, I sing praises to thee! For because of you, I can envision bright gentle days on wide open fields, my face turned upward, my spirits soaring.

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  1. I admire you for getting the pool and gym pass. You've got a level of self-discipline to which I have yet to aspire!